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sludge2energy GmbH - Innovative Sludge Utilisation Concepts

Decentralised Sewage Sludge Utilisation for Production of Thermal Energy

We have developed our innovative sludge2energy process to utilize sewage sludge by an energy self-sufficient method. It is based on a combination of a medium-temperature belt dryer with a subsequent combustion in a fluidised bed furnace.

Sewage sludge utilisation plants provide an important contribution to disposal safety and environmental protection. This guiding principle has led to the development of the "sludge2energy process".

The innovative process is a solution for sustainable waste management and thermally utilizes sewage sludge (at the wastewater treatment plant) by incineration. Co-generated heat is used for dryer operation.

Sludge mass is reduced by energetically self-sufficient drying and incineration to about 10 %. The remaining ash shall be deposited on a separate site, thus permitting later recovery of its phosphorus content.

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