Decentralized Sewage Sludge Utilisation for Production of Thermal Energy

disposal safety – environmental protection – sustainable – energy self-sufficient

Thermal sewage sludge utilization plants contribute substantially to disposal safety and environmental protection. This principle motivated us to develop the sludge2energy concept.

The energy self-sufficient sludge2energy system for sewage sludge utilisation is based on the combination of a sludge dryer and subsequent incineration in a fluidised bed furnace.

The innovative process contributes to sustainable waste management and thermally utilizes sewage sludge by incineration. Co-generated heat is used for sludge dryer operation. The sludge2energy system is a sustainable and lasting solution that provides security of thermal sewage sludge utilisation according to the current political requirements.

Through energy self-sufficient sludge drying and incineration, the sludge disposal volume is minimized to approximately 10%. The ash remaining from the incineration process permits later recovery of the resource phosphorus.