Benefits of the sludge2energy Process

The sludge2energy system is a sustainable solution which provides security of thermal sewage sludge utilisation. The energy self-sufficient sludge2energy system for sewage sludge utilisation is based on the combination of a sludge dryer and subsequent incineration in a fluidized bed furnace.

  • Efficiently combined drying and thermal utilisation of sewage sludge in a fluidised bed furnace
  • A wide variety of municipal sewage sludges can be utilised thermally due to an efficient use of energy, without the need for any external energy.
  • Compact, modular and functional design with minimum space requirements
  • Low invest and operational costs due to the optimised concept of thermal drying and utilisation
  • Optimal sewage sludge quantity and mass reduction
  • Minimised expenses and costs for sewage sludge transport
  • Long-term cost certainty and disposal safety
  • Dry flue gas cleaning process without generation of wastewater
  • Low pollutant emissions, significantly below legal limits (17. BImSch, TA Luft)
  • Fully automatic operation 24 h/d, 7 d/week with a high plant availability of 8,000 h/a
  • High flexibility of sewage sludge utilisation
  • Production of phosphorus-rich sewage sludge ash and optional phosphorus recovery
  • Optimized flue gas cleaning with regard to various customer requirements (site requirements, phosphorus recovery)
  • Optional power generation taking into account specific individual conditions and plant size