Operational support and management of your sewage sludge incineration plant

Operation of sewage sludge incineration plants

Our experienced and well-coordinated team is available on site to answer all your questions regarding the cold and hot commissioning of the S2E incineration plant. In addition to the commissioning of the sludge2energy system, we also offer our customers operational support and operational management for their sewage sludge mono-incineration plant.

Operational support

Qualified staff will provide you with targeted support during start-up after successful commissioning. Your added value consists primarily of an intensive transfer of know-how between the plant constructor and the operating personnel of the sewage sludge incineration plant, from which you profit technically and economically at all times.

We also offer a constant exchange with your operating personnel for the continuous operation of the plant after start-up, so that they are always up to date with the latest technology and applicable regulations. These operational support services can be agreed with us on a very individual basis to the extent you require. Possible operational support services include, for example, process engineering support for the plant, setting up and maintaining a plant management system (BMS), in this case the BMS WARIOS® developed within the group, organising and implementing plant inspections and carrying out other maintenance measures in accordance with DIN 31051 and DIN EN 13306 for all plant components.

Plant management

Taking over the entire technical and commercial management of S2E mono-incineration plants is also part of our service portfolio. The range of technical management services includes tasks such as commissioning, optimisation and control of process flows and optimisation of operating costs, as well as emergency management, occupational health and safety and waste disposal. As a professional partner, sludge2energy GmbH, with its trained service staff and experienced process engineers, assumes all the responsibilities and duties associated with technical plant management, including accounting. With our expertise and many years of experience in the field of thermal sewage sludge utilisation, we achieve maximum plant availability in the long term while optimising the use of operating resources.

Maintenance and servicing

As a plant owner, you benefit from our excellent and efficient service when we operate the plant for you, and as a plant owner and operator, you also benefit after the plant construction and commissioning of your S2E sewage sludge mono-incineration plant. We thus guarantee the highest operational reliability for your plant with a constantly high throughput of sewage sludge for its utilisation. By increasing the availability of the plants and extending their service life, we make a lasting contribution to reducing operating and maintenance costs.

You can rely on us at all times during all phases of your project.

Reliable operation of your sewage sludge utilisation plant (symbol photo)