Mono-incineration plant for sewage sludge utilisation in Straubing

A citizens' decision in 2019 was an important milestone and a signal for the sewage sludge mono-incineration project at Straubing. In July 2020, sludge2energy GmbH was commissioned as general contractor with the planning and construction of a sewage sludge mono-incineration plant on the wastewater treatment plant Straubing. The future operator and owner of the thermal sewage sludge utilisation plant is Biomasseverwertung Straubing GmbH (BSR). BSR is a Bavarian association of the project partners Straubinger Energie- und Reststoffverwertungs GmbH (SER GmbH), a subsidiary of Straubinger Stadtentwässerung und Straßenreinigung (Straubing Municipal Sewage Treatment and Street Cleaning Company) and Bayernwerk Natur GmbH.

The sewage sludge mono-incineration plant is dimensioned for 120,000 tons of sewage sludge per year or max. 40,000 t dry substance. In addition to mechanically dewatered sewage sludge, the plant also processes externally fully dried municipal sludge. The size of the plant planned at Straubing will also make it possible to meet all legal requirements for efficient on-site phosphorus recovery at a later date.

The main technical components of the mono-incineration plant are - in addition to a highly efficient flue gas cleaning system to ensure compliance with the required emission limits - a HUBER Disc Dryer RotaDry® and the S2E-Fluidizer, a stationary fluidised bed furnace with a fuel heat capacity of approx. 14 MW. The stationary S2E fluidised bed firing system is state-of-the-art.

The entire plant is designed to be self-sufficient. The selected plant concept ensures the greatest possible energy generation. From the sewage sludge used as fuel, environmentally friendly thermal and electrical energy can be generated in excess on site at the sewage treatment plant.

At present, the joint preparation of the licensing documents for the mono-combustion is in progress. It is expected that the positive approval decision will be received at the beginning of 2022. Regular operation of the plant is scheduled to start in summer 2024.

Plant features:

  • Sustainable renewable energy production
  • Safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly disposal of sewage sludge
  • Recovery of the valuable and finite raw material phosphorus