Sludge drying for self-sustaining mono-incineration

Sewage sludge drying

Since the calorific value of most dewatered sewage sludge is not sufficient for self-sustaining combustion in a fluidized bed incinerator, the sludge must be dried before mono-combustion to increase the calorific value.

The drying of sewage sludge has long been an established process. For sludge drying upstream of the incineration process, belt drying systems can be used besides contact dryers. For both approaches, sludge2energy GmbH offers you two different, energy-efficient drying technologies from HUBER SE, which can be optimally used according to the framework conditions of your concept.

Dried sewage sludge
Dried sewage sludge – the increase in calorific value enables self-sustaining combustion

Belt Dryer

Medium temperature drying with highest energy efficiency and flexible waste heat utilisation

The fully automated HUBER Belt Dryer BT is a medium-temperature drying system consisting of two belts mounted one above the other, on which the dewatered sewage sludge is efficiently dried by means of the unique HUBER HELIX air flow. Dust formation is largely avoided by pelletising the fed sludge and applying low mechanical stress during the drying process. This ensures a safe plant concept in compliance with ATEX - EC Directive 2014/34/EU and 1999/92/EG.

Thanks to the innovative, fully automatic throughput control, even strong fluctuations in the input DR are reliably compensated for - ideal for operators of plants that receive sludge from external sources. Maximum energy efficiency, full automation and flexible waste heat utilisation guarantee low operating costs and easy handling.

The HUBER Belt Dryer BT can be easily integrated into existing process and plant technology. It can also be designed as a virtually wastewater-free variant without vapour condensation.

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Disc Dryer

Homogeneous partial drying of dewatered sewage sludge for utilisation in fluidized bed incinerators

The HUBER Disc Dryer RotaDry® is designed for homogeneous partial drying of dewatered sewage sludge. Due to its compact design and high specific water evaporation, it is ideally suited not only for use in new sewage sludge mono-incineration plants, but also for capacity expansions of existing plants. The dryer can dry exactly to the required DR content, thus enabling self-sustaining combustion in the fluidized bed incinerator.

A reliable condensate removal system, an innovative concept for moisture control, optimized feeding and a steam control line with minimized pressure loss characterize the HUBER Disc Dryer RotaDry® as the perfect sewage sludge dryer in combination with a mono-incineration plant.

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