The S2E Fluidizer for stationary fluidized bed combustion

When designing the S2E fluidized bed concept for the environmentally friendly mono-incineration of sewage sludge of the most diverse compositions, sludge2energy GmbH has continuously improved the proven fluidized bed technology for thermal sewage sludge utilisation, adapting it to today's requirements. The S2E Fluidizer concept provides a reliable and safe system that also reflects the current state of the art in terms of maintenance and servicing.

The S2E Fluidizer, the heart of the incineration concept, is a stationary fluidized bed incinerator with an open nozzle floor. The stationary fluidized bed incinerator consists of an upright cylindrical combustion chamber, designed as an adiabatic, fully lined reactor with the best possible thermal insulation.

The sewage sludge incineration plant is designed to be self-sufficient so that the sludge can be incinerated in continuous operation without the need for additional fuels. Flexible firing rate control and staged combustion air supply can ensure that pollutants such as dioxins, CO, organic pollutants and NOx are minimised already in the combustion chamber. In addition, ammonia water injection into the combustion chamber (SNCR process) can be technically planned to be incorporated.

The boiler system has been optimized for high energy efficiency for energy recovery.

The S2E Fluidizer: stationary fluidized bed combustion for mono-incinration of sewage sludge (schematic drawing)